Pinocchio Ice Cream is all natural product with an emphasis on creative flavours, inspired by local chefs, and upcoming trends.”We love to think out of the Box”.

Our products are made from scratch using locally sourced, fresh dairy and the highest quality ingredients. Our products have a low OVERRUN( air content). You will find commercial ice creams can go up to 140% air. It is standard to incorporate air into the product to make it scoopable. Most ice creams are anywhere between 70 and 110% Overrun. Pinocchios incorporates between 10% to 30% for sorbets, and 25% for gelato, and 25% to 35% for ice cream which makes a dense, creamy, tasty product.

• 100% Alberta Cream
• 100% Cane Sugar
• No Carageenan, Artifical Colours or Flavours
• 12% Butterfat Ice Cream
• 6.5% Butterfat Gelato
• FatFree sorbets
• Gluten Free Options

What's So Special

In 1980, Salvatore Ursino decided to bring an Italian passion to Canada. GELATO....which translates means " frozen". After spending many weeks in Italy learning the art of making GELATO, he brought his knowledge back to Canada. Starting in 1981, Pinocchio Italian Ice Cream Co. Ltd. was established....

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We can create any custom flavour for your menu as we’ve done for 37 years. Get in touch with us for helping us define your dessert menu.

From Wasabi to Chocolate Hibiscus, we can make it!!

Why We Are So Proud

From scratch. No imported premix bases. Every ingredients you see, we put in.


Made with local ingredients when possible.

NO artificial flavors or colors do not enter our plant...the red in strawberry ice cream is from beets, and the Green we use to enhance the Pistachio is made from plant Chlorophyll.

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Testimonials What our Clients are saying

Sheri Kolasz

“We just bought our first tub of your pistachio ice cream and it will not be our last!! It was AMAZING!! I can’t wait to go back to the Italian centre and try more flavors. Thanks so much for making such a creamy and delicious ice cream”.