Natural Ice Cream & Sorbet

Manufacturer and Wholesaler to the hospitality industry.

"No artificial
colors or flavors"!

Best sourced quality ingredients!

Natural Superpremium ice cream, and sorbets.

No premixed bases, all made from scratch.

Low overrun
( low air content)

No pre-mixed Gelato bases!

Free of mono and diglycerides, and vegetable oils! We use real egg yolks sourced locally as an emulsifier.

Use of real powdered flavors!

"Always, always, read your ingredients, and know what you are eating"

       Pinocchio Ice Cream was established in early 1982, by Salvatore Ursino and Berto Bertuccio. Prior to opening, both had travelled to Italy to learn the fine art of making ice cream(gelato). Once they had returned, shortly after they started manufacturing a premium product in which locals fell in love with, and made it a daily venture in visiting Pinocchio's to see what new products had been produced. Meanwhile chefs throughout the area had learned about the new company starting to produce special flavors for the local hospitality industry and  food markets.  Soon enough, Pinocchio Ice cream became a main stay in the city of Edmonton. As of today, you will find Pinocchio Ice Cream in local grocery stores, restaurants, and special events. Pinocchio's prides it's success in a total commitment to quality, in offering the finest superpremium ice cream, gelato, and sorbets to the family of customers since 1982.

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