We believe there there is a world on which GELATO and ICE CREAM can have common ground to collide and  produce a significant premium product. Each have their own principals in quality. GELATO is a dense flavorful product with great mouthfeel and unmatched palatability. It also has a lower over-run( air content..usually between 20 to 35%) ICE CREAM uses fresh local ingredients without premixed imported bases, and a higher protein value.( air content between 50 to 140%)

SO....why not combine the best of both worlds!!!

That is exactly what we do at Pinocchio's...a high quality product with pure ingredients, and average over-run of 25 to 35%.

We can't call it GELATO  in North America as Gelato has to be between  5 and 7% B.F.

Pinocchio's ended up with an 11% B.F. product with a higher protein value...which in it's own sense...is healthy.

Ice Cream needs solids to keep it's structure. Sugar, and Skim Milk Powder are known as solids.   You can make the product cheaper by adding a higher percent sugar than Skim Milk Powder. To us that is cheating. SKMP being almost 10x the price as well. We work the other way...high Skim Milk Powder, lower sugar....this help the product hold....and also will not melt as fast.

NO artificial flavors or colors do not enter our plant...the red in strawberry ice cream is from beets, and the Green we use to enhance the Pistachio is made from plant Chlorophyl.

What's so special

In 1980, Salvatore Ursino decided to bring an Italian passion to Canada. GELATO....which translates means " frozen". After spending many weeks in Italy learning the art of making GELATO, he brought his knowledge back to Canada. Starting in 1981, Pinocchio Italian Ice Cream Co. Ltd. was established.  Soon enough Pinocchio's was supplying well known restaurants, and Italian grocers with product" made from scratch". No imported bases, which contained artificial ingredients and modifiers.  To this day, we still believe in this. Making our own bases for our ice cream, gelato , and sorbets helps us control the sweetness, scoopability, and palatability.

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